Pyrford Financial Planning

Retirement Planning for those looking to finish work within the next 10 years

Carefully crafted Retirement Planning and Independent Financial Advice helping you to live your desired lifestyle in retirement without fear of running out of money.

Why Pyrford Financial Planning?

We help people:

Being able to retire when you want

Have the confidence to finish work, knowing that they have a robust retirement plan in place.

Worried about running out of money in retirement

Enjoy their desired retirement lifestyle without worrying about running out of money in later life.

Worried about paying too much tax or making the wrong pension and investment choices.

Make the right investment and pension choices and optimise taxes.

We understand that planning for retirement on your own can seem daunting. Finding the right Financial Adviser to help you on your journey can be equally difficult.


At Pyrford Financial Planning, we specialise in retirement planning, and provide Independent Financial Advice to help people navigate this key stage of life.

To find out more about how we work, you can download the first chapter of our book, 'Planning for Retirement: Your guide to financial freedom', from the Planning for retirement website or purchase from Amazon.

Please visit the Pyrford Financial Planning blog to learn more about retirement planning, investing smarter and finding the right financial adviser for you.

What we offer:

Pyrford Financial Planning

Value Add

We only take on clients that are a good fit for our retirement planning service and also where we can add significant value to their situation.

Pyrford Financial Planning


Pyrford Financial Planning is big enough to minimise key person risk, yet small enough for each client to have a personalised service. 

Pyrford Financial Planning


All our work is reviewed by at least two pairs of eyes,  helping you to achieve the best outcome.

Pyrford Financial Planning

Truly Independent

We are100% director-owned, and no other firm has a vested interest in our business. We can therefore offer unbiased, Independent Financial Advice.

Retirement Planning Specialists.png

Retirement Planning Specialists

You will be working with a financial adviser that specialises in retirement planning and has worked with many people preparing for this key life transition.

Pyrford Financial Planning


We invest in ourselves and the business. We use market-leading retirement planning software to ensure you have the best outcomes.

Pyrford Financial Planning


Between us, we have over 100 years of experience in providing Independent Financial Advice.

How we do it:

We use a simple, tried and tested process for building and maintaining your financial plan.


Discovery Meeting

We spend time understanding more about you; how you got to where you are now and what your dreams, hopes and objectives are for the future.


The 3Ps

We then create and implement your financial plan to help you achieve these goals.


Ongoing Retirement Planning Service

Our ongoing retirement planning service ensures you remain on track to meet your objectives, making adjustments where required.

What our clients say:

"I wish I had found this service before – I think, like many people, I had kept my head in the sand and hoped that everything would work out alright, but now I feel much more confident that I’m on the right track, that what I want to do is achievable, and that my future is as secure as it can be in this era of uncertainty."

"In the process of building the plan Noel identified several areas that should be addressed which increased our net income in the short term and in the long term would enable us to achieve our goals. These areas had been overlooked by a previous adviser.

We now feel reassured that we have a robust plan in place alongside a vision for our financial future."



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Our tried and tested retirement planning process is designed to give you clarity and peace of mind.

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