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We're Retirement Planning Experts and Do Our Best Work With

Aged 50+

Expert guidance

Retirement savers aged 50+ who are retired or close to it.

People who value expert help because retirement is too important.

How we do it:

We use a simple, tried and tested process for building and maintaining your financial plan throughout your retirement.


Introductory Meeting

A 15-30 minute Zoom call (booking link below) that will give us both the chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise.


Discovery Meeting

We will spend time understanding more about you; how you got to where you are now and what your dreams, hopes and objectives are for the future.


Initial Retirement Planning

Together we will create and implement your financial plan to help you achieve these goals.


Ongoing Retirement Planning

Our ongoing retirement planning service ensures you remain on track to meet your objectives, making adjustments to your financial plan where required.

Still Have Questions? Keep Reading.....

Why should I work with Pyrford Financial Planning? There are five reasons to consider working with Pyrford Financial Planning: 1. To have the confidence to spend and/or gift in retirement without fear of running out of money. 2. To optimise taxation, meaning you have more to spend on your retirement lifestyle. 3. To generate investment returns ensuring you can afford your retirement lifestyle while minimising risk. 4. To spend more time doing the things you love in retirement. 5. To ensure your family has a trusted professional to lean on if the worst happens to you.

How are you different from other financial advisers? Four important things separate our firm from others: 1. We are retirement planning experts working with people aged 50+. Just as you would approach a cardiac surgeon rather than your GP to perform open heart surgery, we believe that working with a retirement planning specialist rather than a generalist adviser will help you achieve the best outcome. 2. We limit the number of clients we work with and only engage with those where we can add value that covers our fees. 3. We are highly qualified - both James and Noel are degree-educated and have attained the CFP designation - considered the global gold standard in financial planning. 4. We are the perfect size. We don't have the "key-person" risk of a one-man band and are not a big faceless outfit, where you regularly get passed from adviser to adviser.

Do you offer hourly or one-time project fee options? At Pyrford Financial Planning, we believe that a "one-off" retirement planning exercise is of little value. We, therefore, only engage with clients on an ongoing basis. If you are just looking for some "one-off" retirement planning and advice, we would suggest reading Noel's book.

Can you meet virtually and work with people outside Surrey? The majority of our meetings are conducted over Zoom. We find this is much more efficient and leads to a more engaged relationship, with regular catchups rather than the traditional once-a-year meeting.

How does Pyrford Financial Planning make money? We are happy to be paid either directly or from your investments. We don't charge exit fees, and if we are not adding sufficient ongoing value to cover our fees, we will suggest that you disengage our services.

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