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Who we help.

We work with people who are ready to start planning for retirement. 

Pyrford Financial Planning: Considering Retirement: ready to start planning for retirement

Our clients usually come to us for one of two reasons:

Pyrford Financial Planning: Retiring soon

Retiring soon

Pyrford Financial Planning: Considering Retirement

Considering Retirement

These clients tend to be in their late 50s or early 60s and have a date in mind for retirement.

  • They have questions such as:

    • Can I afford to retire now?

    • How much can I spend in retirement?

    • Can I afford to gift to the children/grandchildren?

    • I have a range of pensions and investments. How do I optimise them to deliver a retirement income?

  • They want comprehensive retirement planning and financial advice, not just someone that discusses pensions and investments.

These clients are typically over 50 and want to focus on their finances as their children move into adulthood. They aren't sure exactly when they want to retire but most likely within the next 5-10 years.

  • They have questions such as:​

    • ​What is a realistic retirement date given my current circumstances?
    • What changes can I make now to allow me to retire sooner?

  • They want comprehensive retirement planning and financial advice, not just someone that discusses pensions and investments.

We help people answer the key question: 

"Have I got enough money to enable me to live the lifestyle I want in retirement without fear of running out of money?"

We take on many clients that had previously worked with a financial adviser who focused solely on their investments and how they were performing. We believe there are five fundamental stages to plan for a successful retirement.


  • Stage One: Person (Life Planning): Establishing the cost of your current and future desired lifestyle.

  • Stage Two: Plan (Financial Planning): Building a financial plan to evaluate the feasibility of your retirement goals.​​

  • Stage Three: Portfolio (Financial Products): Creating an investment 'engine' to deliver the returns your financial plan requires.

  • Stage Four: Withdrawal strategy: Constructing a retirement withdrawal strategy and the various 'levers' that can impact the sustainability of your financial plan.

  • Stage Five: DIY or pay for advice: Deciding between a DIY approach or working with a financial adviser.


These financial advisers had missed stages one, two and four and focused solely on stage three! 


This meant that their previous financial adviser had neglected to build them a robust financial plan to answer the key question above.

Schedule a meeting:

Our tried and tested retirement planning process is designed to give you clarity and peace of mind.

You can schedule a free introductory meeting using the link below:

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